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Full-time Faculty Members of the School of Economics

Our School is composed of a rigorous team of local and international academics specialized in various disciplines of economics. The following links provide resources for selected internationally trained faculty members. For a complete list of all of our faculty members, please visit our Chinese website.

Dean of the School of Economics

Bingtao Song
Bingtao SongFull Professor, PhD Supervisor
Research Interests: Economic Development, Regional Economics, Economic History

Full-time Faculty Members (alphabetical order)

Ahn, Young Bin
Ahn, Young BinAssociate Professor
Research Interests: Applied Econometrics, Economic Forecasting, Asian Economy, Macroeconomics, International Economics
Chiang, Tsun-Feng (Ted)
Chiang, Tsun-Feng (Ted)Associate Professor
Research Interests: Macroeconomics (Interests Labor Income Risk and Household Finance), Applied Econometrics (Discrete Choice Model and Spatial Econometrics)
Dong, Baomin
Dong, BaominFull Professor, PhD Supervisor
Research Interests: Industrial Organization Theory, Economic History, International Trade Theory, Game Theory and Applications
El-Shagi, Makram
El-Shagi, MakramFull Professor / Director of the Center for Financial Development and Stability / PhD Supervisor
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy
Jiang, Lunan
Jiang, LunanAssociate Professor
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Corporate Finance and Wealth and Income Inequality
Kiarsi, Mehrab
Kiarsi, MehrabAssociate Professor
Research Interests: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Financial Economics, Open Economy Macroeconomics
Klingelhöfer, Jan
Klingelhöfer, JanAssociate Professor
Research Interests: Political Economics, Macroeconomics, Industrial Organization and Applied Game Theory
Lyu, Xinjun
Lyu, XinjunAssociate Professor
Research Interests: Corporate Governance, Industrial Economy, Regional Economy
Ma, Ye
Ma, YeAssociate Professor
Research Interests: Economic History, Historical Demography and Agriculture, Development Economics, Political Economics
Peng, Kaixiang
Peng, KaixiangFull Professor / PhD Supervisor
Research Interests: Economic History, Evolution of the economics and the market system
Shao, Liang (Frank)
Shao, Liang (Frank)Associate Professor
Research Interests: Income Inequality, Growth, China Economy, Panel data analysis
Sheng, Pengfei
Sheng, Pengfei Associate Professor
Research Interests: Environmental Interests and Health Inequality, Assessment of Pollution Reduction efficiency
Sun, Rongrong
Sun, RongrongAssociate Professor
Research Interests: Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, Chinese Economic Studies
Wang, Qianqian
Wang, QianqianAssociate Professor
Research Interests: International Trade, Financial Economics, and Econometrics
Xu, Zhicheng (Phil)
Xu, Zhicheng (Phil)Associate Professor
Research Interests: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Development Economics, Applied Econometrics
Yang, He
Yang, HeAssociate Professor
Research Interests: Economic History, Organizational Economics, Development Economics
Zhang, Lin
Zhang, LinAssociate Professor
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, International Economics, Housing, Financial Market, DSGE models
Zhu, Junbing
Zhu, JunbingAssociate Professor
Research Interests: Comparative economic development, culture and economic development, game theory, economic history

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